Had an unexpected surplus of time in the shop so I finished up my little box experiment.

I decided on simple nails and didn’t bother with glue to complete the finger joints.  Bird cage awl from the minimalist kit, a little hammer and some wire nails added for the job.   The bottom was scrounged together from some tongue and groove panelling offcuts I’ve had laying around the shop forever.   Those went on with my hand powered brad nailer (staple gun) and trimmed with what I thought was my cheap little flush cut blade screwed into a quick and dirty handle I knocked together out of screws and a scrap of oak.   Turns out either I’m terrible at flush cutting or the saw has some set on both sides.    I scuffed up one side of the box pretty badly, but considering this little experiment is intended to collect all the little layout tools that have a habit of floating about my bench I’m not too fussed.

Put a lid on it

Really this was an excuse to cheat on the minimalist kit and  use my rebate plane.   I may need to get more wooden planes.

Layout from the box, knife lines all round and zipped off a 1/4″ deep rebate in no time flat.  I still need to work on cross grain work, and ensuring I’ve got a deep enough cut to avoid the tear out you get otherwise.  With this soft pine my marking knife is plenty up to the job, but I should try sawing the shoulder next time.

Rough and ready, but square and fits.

Once I had the lid fit I ran a bevel around it with my block plane.  Nothing fancy and trimmed until it looked even all round rather than get excited by the layout.


Pay no attention to the horrible scuffs.

Well look at that, I finished something.   A small something, with load of mistakes, all of which were learned from.

I spent the rest of my evening sawing out the stuff holding the finished box up.   More on that to come.

Something something complete…
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