I do spend a lot of time on the internet, but sometimes I worry that it’s reading my mind back.

As I think of getting more saws and seeking out old ones to refurb, the always amazing Paul Sellers posts a couple of thoughts on what saws are really required to get the job done: Why crosscut pattern saws dominate part I and part II.

The next part of the series is of course about Gent’s saws, so I await with baited breath.

Now that’s minimal

Even more timely is an excellent reminder that I might not need a pile of new tools from The Renaissance Woodworker

Yes, those are all nice examples of each tool, and thus expensive, but you could build this set very inexpensively.

Purchase or practice?

I’m still concerned that it’s my body mechanics plus the straight handled gent’s saw amounting to the problem.  It probably is that specific because I can cut a very straight line, even resaw if I’m patient, with my ryoba on the pull stroke.

With nobody around to tell my that I’m doing it wrong and show me the right way, my urge is generally to use what gets used in the videos I can find on sawing: traditional toted push saws.    Maybe I’ll try with the ryoba and see what results I can get before galloping off and adding another tool to the arsenal.



Thinking of saws, hivemind delivers
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