Manged to nip down to the shop where some poplar has been waiting nice and square for about a week.  I laid out some tails and got to with the saw.

The joint is sturdy and square but man those gaps are ugly.

Sawing practice required.

Lessons learned

  1. Hardwood is indeed much nicer to work with than crappy box store pine, even poplar.
  2. I am getting better at squaring stock.
  3. I really need to look at my sawing.

The saw I’m using to dovetail is the rip filed version of the Veritas Gent’s Saw.  I love these little saws, they cut fast and are great to have handy for all sorts of trimming and cutting small parts. They leave a really nice finish if you’re careful to set up your lines.   However, I’m beginning to wonder if part of my ugly kerfing has to do with the handle style of this saw.  It’s really easy for my hand to wander around the handle, and from what I’ve read that will make for inconsistent cutting.  I know I can cut to a line reasonably well given the evidence with my ryoba and crappy old buck bros. carpentry saw, two very different sawing mechanics and both different from the gent’s saw handle.

It may be time to give into the urge to purchase more tools and test the theory.   For science of course.


Improvements in materials
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