Went to work on the back of my mini-quasi-dutch tool box.   I picked up some 3/8″ pine from the great orange menace (the 1/2″ I had intended to collect was halfway to being bowls on 3′ lengths).   I ship-lapped the boards to be nailed on.  Had a lovely excuse to use my only wooden plane on long grain for the first time and man is that fun.  Is that weird, just running a tiny 1/4″ rebate on pine 6 times is fun?   That the perfect tight little curls of pine amused not only me but my 4 1/2 year old assistant was a bonus.  Pro-tip: people at nose height of your bench are great for holding the ends of boards as you cross-cut them against your planing stop.

No, not weird. Awesome.

Love these little curls

I’m going to have to get me some more wood planes I think.

Today’s lesson: be sure.

Super jazzed about having all my boards fit nicely, I busted out the awl and cut nails and pounded away until I had 4 boards on the back.

See the problem?

Except it wasn’t the back.

I’d made the middle shelf only part of the width of the case expecting to sort out a chisel/saw rack and have those things hang behind the bench planes that would sit on the shelf.   I had intended to mount the rack on cleats and provide a panel in front of it to protect the edges from whatever I tossed in the bottom section.   My logic was that it would be easier to make these things separate and nail/screw them in, so leave a gap in the middle shelf.

The boards being nailed on and ship-lapped has provided a considerable amount of sturdiness to the construction.  I don’t think I’m getting them off of there without damaging things, and that’s with only one nail on the ends of each board.

I could build the rack as intended, but then I don’t get the fall front I was going to make.  I could cut some sort of door I guess, but that seems like compounding an error with stupidity.

Going to have to think some on, what is this now, plan F?  We’re well past plan B.

I’ll amuse myself with getting all the back boards flush with the case in the meantime.

Progress of a sort
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